• Fix for the current branch has no upstream branch error message

    This is one of those git config things you set once and forget years later when you setup a new machine. How did we get here? You can git push expecting to fly up to the remote repository right? To get rid of this message forever and prevent git from gatekeeping you just run this: […]

  • Ralph Lauren’s Bedford home is a Georgian cottage dream

    Lauren has an impeccable taste for vintage autos, speedsters and probably owns the sickest personal car garage I’ve ever seen. That much is true. We all know about Ralph Lauren’s love for cars. But what about his home in Bedford, New York? Welp, enter the Architectural Digest’s archives. Which rarely disappoint if I may add: […]

  • Susan Kare’s sketchbooks

    From Jenny Brewer of It’s Nice That: Susan designed the icons for the Macintosh’s graphical user interface. At the time, the notion of a GUI was revolutionary: just a few years prior to the Mac’s release, people could only interface with a computer through arcane commands written in code. By providing an image-based way to […]

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto has died

    Truly devastating. Ryuichi Sakamoto dies at 71. Cancer claims another great. One of the greatest pioneers of electronic music. An early adopter, a vanguard of just so much. His influence alone was revolutionary and profound. He was deeply beloved, and considered to be the father of J-pop and other synth-pop influences. From Pitchfork: “While undergoing […]

  • Nearly 300 episodes later, Hot Ones still gets it

    From The New York Times: “‘Hot Ones’ was just the dumbest idea of all time,” Schonberger said, only half-joking. “How is it, philosophically, that the dumbest idea is the best?” “It’s like, well, we can’t just have people get drunk or high,” he went on, “but I think we can get people to eat spicy […]

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